I used Corey before to sell my brother’s house, so when I needed a Realtor to help with selling a house from an estate I called Corey. I explained the urgency of getting this done. I meet him at the house for a tour and next steps. He came prepared having researched houses near by that were either on the market or had sold recently. This gave me an idea for pricing. He also gave me suggestions as to what I needed to do to get the house ready. We met again where he shared new updated research. Based on that he suggested a listing price. Once listed he handled all the offers. Following the deadline he met with me to review the pros and cons of the offers and helped me make the final decision. My experience working with him has been outstanding. Corey not only has exceptional interpersonal skills but his knowledge as a Realtor of the Columbus market is unmatched. Most of all he is a person of great integrity and honesty. I highly recommend using him.